Our Favorite Pool Goggles for Kids for Summer 2017

Our Favorite Pool Goggles for Kids for Summer 2017

Many people who are swimmers know the importance of goggles.  Not to mention if your kids are anything like mine you also know the importance of keeping water out of the eyes of your kids.  We all know nothing spells “great day at the pool or ocean” like blood shot eyes on your six year old…  So for those of us that use goggles ourselves, or just want to find something good for the kiddos to use let’s take a look at what we have on Amazon.

Kids Aqua Sphere

Let’s start with Aqua Sphere, a particular brand of goggle I am partial to myself as I use them in open water swim competition.  Aqua Sphere gives a wide array of choices for kids depending on their age, and even a wide array of color choices for those with the fashion forward princesses.  The great thing about Aqua Sphere as a brand is that the same things that make the adult goggles such as the Kayenne so great are same for the kids.  Large amount of vision, UV protection, comfortable feeling for the face, and easily adjustable straps. 

If you take a look at Aqua Sphere Seal Kid (Clear Lens, Translucent Blue) available at  for as little as $15, or a little more depending on the color you’ll get something durable, easy to put on, and not vison restricting for your little one.  The Aqua Sphere Kid Seal is recommended for children from 3-8 and you will get the same durability that attracts some of the world’s greatest swimmers and many triathletes to this same brand.  You can even tell you kid the goggles are just like daddy’s or mommy’s and they’ll get a kick out of it.  Overall Aqua Sphere is my I would recommend because of comfort and durability, not to mention the wide array of color choices for the picky munchkin in your family.  Aqua Sphere also makes other models including the Moby, or ages 3-8, the Keyenne Jr for ages 8+, and the Vista Jr. also for ages 8+.

Let’s take a look at Frogglez, they price out for about $17+.  The style is good for kids because the strap goes around the back of the head and helps the goggles stay in place as they run in the water, out of the water, run back in, jump around for a little bit…  If you have kiddos you get the picture.  The modifies strap which is considerably wider not only helps the Frogglez keep in place but keeps these goggles from tangling in long hair.   Frogglez are made with strong PVC material and tend to stay fog free.  While it’s a plus that it Frogglez wide, over the head strap keeps out of a child’s hair they do not have the wide vision of the Aqua Sphere goggles, and only come in three colors. 

Child Google

For the budget conscious parent who knows their kid is going to lose interest, or maybe even the goggle themselves there are Child Goggle that come for the not so princely price of a 3 pack for 7.99.   They typically vary in colors so you don’t know what you’re going to get.  Comes with your standard goggle strap so you may want to think of replacing with an aftermarket one like a “water gear” bungee strap for just a couple more bucks.  Those straps work great for any not so efficient standard straps you may have.  So these goggles won’t be a cool, nice, or stylish as the ones mentioned above, but if your kid is just going to lose them, or decide they don’t want to where them anymore this may be the best option for you.  That way, it’s not a big loss when we have to replace them.  Or if they are just collecting dust.

Swedish Goggles

An often overlooked type of goggle is the “Swedish” goggle.  While not a kids goggle per say, their small construction may fit well on a child’s face.  Especially an older child that has larger eye sockets.  Sweeds, as they are often called in the swimming world are dirt cheap goggles made of minimal materials.  They work well and I know from personal experience.  They have no rubber gasket, rather the plastic sucks right onto your face.  The great thing about Sweeds is they are all customizable.  For such a cheap piece of equipment they are actually quite popular with pro and Olympic swimmers.  I always love during the summer Olympics seeing a top athlete put one of the cheapest pieces of equipment on his or her face.  Take a look at this Speedo Swedish Goggles Swim 2 Pack.

As for my final verdict I like the Aqua Sphere.  It is a brand I trust with my own swim life as an adult.  The straps are super easy to adjust, and they are comfortable for a long time.  Kids can choose pretty much any color they want to, which is important to my kiddo. 

Photo by Ben Grey from Flickr

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