Pool Raft – What to Buy This Summer

Pool Raft – What to Buy This Summer

Every season it seems like I’m after a new pool raft. Whether the previous year’s raft popped, got trashed, or I somehow misplaced it – I always enjoy a brand new spanking float to kick off the summer season. I’ve done my research and came up with my favorites. Would love to know what your favorite pool raft is, though. Please post in the comments!

Large and In Charge: 71″ Suntan Tub Pool Raft

This one seems like a solid choice. It’s big enough you’re not balancing as you float along, but  not too big you won’t have enough room to move around in the pool. Amazon sells it for $32 and it has over 100 positive reviews. I’d say it’s more than worth trying at that price! Please note, it’s intended for adults.


Highest Rated: Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge, 71″ X 53″

I don’t think I’d be getting up anytime soon after climbing up onto this float. I love that it’s not flat – seems like it would be easy on the back! Apparently, it rides very high and sits you up so you’re not getting too wet and sinking. I vote this float best pool float to read in!


Double Float: 78″ Double Mattress 1 Purple Pool Raft

Can’t keep your hands off your partner or want a couple of kids to share a float? This is a good choice. No bells and whistles here – just an inflatable mattress for a pool.


It Takes Two: Face to Face Float

Another option if you’re looking for more than one person on a float – I like this one. It looks extremely comfy!


Stay Cool: Swimways Spring Float Pool Recliner – over 700+ Positive Reviews!

Some days, it’s just too hot to sit on a piece of vinyl. This recliner solves that problem! It keeps you a little underwater, keeping you cool and happy on those hot summer days.


Keep Beverages Cold: Intex Mega Chill II Inflatable Floating Cooler, 48″ X 38″

Regardless of what your choice of pool float is, you’ll want some cold beverages chilling next to you. It’s great for parties and is pretty affordable. Just do it and thank me later!

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