Summer Activities: Water Gear Pool Toys

Summer Activities: Water Gear Pool Toys

Alright everyone! Who is ready for summer time to arrive? Are you already trying to decide what things you need to buy for your kids for summer swimming activities? What functional, must have, necessary items do you need? What fun things are you wanting to get for the family? Who has the best gear to offer at a great price? Water Gear does! Water Gear offers all sorts of fun and functional gear for summer time swim fun for your whole family! No matter what their age! So grab your pen and paper and start making your summer time fun shopping list!

Water Gear offers lots of just plain old summer fun gear for the kid in everyone! The top 3 items on this list are:

Water Gear Beach Ball 42″

This beach ball will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages! It can be used to play all sorts of games in the water. You could turn everyday games into fun water games! Water dodge ball, Water keep away, Water tag etc. Just let you imagination run wild!

Water Gear Deluxe Basketball Game

For kids of all ages! This basketball game will be a must have for all sports lovers in your family! What sports lover wouldn’t love playing basketball and swimming combined on a hot summers day! Invite your friends over to play water basketball and have your own water basketball tournaments!

Water Gear Deluxe Dive Disks (6pcs)


This is also fun for kids of all ages! Allows your family and friends to come up with all sorts of dive related games! How many dive disks can you pick up in one dive? How many dives does it take for you to pick them all up? How many dive rings can you get to before the other swimmers get to them? How long will it take you to find the yellow one or maybe the blue one? The fun is limitless with these dive rings! Just let your imagination go and the game possibilities are limitless!

Water Gear also offers lots of functional summer gear for the kiddos! The top 3 items on this list are:

Water Gear 35 inch Mini Tetra Noodle

The Mini Tetra Noodle is 35 inches long, square in shape and bouyant. It will help swimmers stay afloat while they just want to float around and relax in the pool. It can also be an added addition for the little one in the family who is using water wings to help them stay afloat and give them the freedom of floating all by themselves! Which makes the day so much more relaxing and stress free for Mom and Dad!

Water Gear Rainbow Rabbit Wings

These water wings are for the little ones who do not yet know how to swim. Put these cute little Water Gear Rainbow Rabbit Wings on your little one, so they can enjoy the freedom of floating on their own. Your little one will be able to enjoy playing with the older kids who are more experienced swimmers without you having to be right there by their side holding them above water.

Water Gear Progressive Swim Trainer


This life jacket style swim trainer is the ultimate in floatation devices for your little one! It is made from nylon for a comfortable fit. It  has removable floatation inserts all around the mid section area. Depending on your childs amount of swimming experience, you can add or you can remove these floatation  inserts to suit your young childs swimming experience and needs. It makes the summer time swimming  adventures so much more relaxing and stress free for mom and dad. No more worrying about the little one! You can actually take your eyes off the littlest family member for a moment without worry. So sit back, relax and enjoy a nice stress free summer day by the pool!

Above are just six of the many great fun and functional items offered by Water Gear. Whatever you are wanting or needing for summer time fun, be it fun, function or both, Water Gear is sure to have it! So take that summertime fun list of things you made and go shopping with Water Gear! And I will see you at the pool!

Photo by Michael Coghlan

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