The Best Super Soakers from the 90s – Nerf, Pistols, Blasters, & More

The Best Super Soakers from the 90s – Nerf, Pistols, Blasters, & More

Best 2015 Super Soakers

Nothing defines my childhood quite like Nerf Super Soakers. The whole neighborhood would throw all of their guns into a laundry basket. We’d draw straws and that would determine the order of who got to pick their gun. Considering there was about 12 of us, siblings and all, we had quite the selection. Some of them were heavy hitters, others seemed to last for ages, and others seemed to leak sweet water ammo before you had a chance to get started. Kids these days don’t even understand what greatness these guns brought to the 90s. Don’t let that be your child! We break down our favorites below.

Best Water Pistol aka Shoot your Co-Workers Gun: Nerf Super Soaker Alphafire Blaster

Small, cheap, and brings the good times. A no brainer for the office and a great way to bring back the 90s nostalgia.

The Knock Off: Water Gun Super Aqua Blaster Soaker 2000

It’ll take you awhile to run out of water with this extra large water reservoir. Is it an authentic Nerf Super Soaker? No. Does it function pretty decent and save your wallet? Absolutely. You can pick it up for around $23.95 at Amazon.

The Tag Team: Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack

You won’t develop carpal tunnel from feverishly pumping this gun since you just pull back once and unload. Plus you get two! They only hold about 10 ounces of water each. But if you’ve got your enemy in clear shot, you can do some damage with this one pull gun. Plus you can just easily reload by sucking back more water from a bucket. Classic and effective and mad cheap. $13 for two!

The Badass: Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker

This is the gun people will be fighting over.  You have no clue how it works off the bat, but it just looks like you’ll turn into Water Rambo. Arms “deploy” for 3 streams of water and holds over 40 ounces. Not to mention it can shoot up to 38 feet away. Are you kidding me?

The Rich Kid: Super Soaker Nerf Hydro Pack

There’s always one kid who would have the newest of guns and contraptions that were completely unnecessary. The modern day kid described would have the Super Soaker Nerf Hydro Pack. First off, it’s a vest that holds 100 ounces of water. I hope the rich kid isn’t also the overweight kid, otherwise, the slow kid is going to run into some issues.

Top Gun: Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

You’re pretty much screwed if a kid comes at you with this sucker. Yes, this is the gun you circled in the Toys R Us Toy Book around Christmas time and your parents would never buy you.  Now you’re the adult, buy one! At this point, this nerf water gun is pretty much an antique. You can tell your wife it’s an investment.

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