Top 5 Pool Must Haves for 2017

Top 5 Pool Must Haves for 2017

We all love sitting around the pool, and enjoying the water.  Especially in the summer sun with the smell of sunscreen and tanned skin pushing away those winter woes for good.  Have you ever said to yourself “boy I need to buy the kiddos a couple great water based toys!” and them needed to decide what to buy?  Well guess what you’re in luck because we have a top 5 water toys available on Amazon today. 

5.  Pool noodles. 

Simple and cheap.  What more could a kid want?  These toys are fun colored and float.  While they are not a safety device they help kiddos get across the pool, lake, or whatever they need even if they’re a little tired.  Kids will be kids and probably hit each other with them causing you to tell STOP IT!  Or if you’re in a playful mood go in and take a couple swings yourself.  Generally they are 51 inches long and weigh less than 2 ounces so carrying them shouldn’t be too much trouble.  You can purchase a 4 pack here – 4-Piece Deluxe Wacky Noodles 52 Inch Foam Floating Swim NoodlesIf you’re feeling super fun you can even get extra-long pool noodles at 61 inches or try adding a chair to it to for the lounging adult to keep cool while the children splash around, Blue Wave Noodlechair For 2.75-Inch or 3.5-Inch Noodle Pool Toy

4.  Super Hoops Floating Water Game

What is summer without ball related sports?  What is summer without water sports?  Might as well put them together and have some family fun.  You can take it to almost any pool, probably even to the lake as long as you don’t let it float too far away.  The Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game is an easy favorite! For something a little more robust – try the Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy.

3. Hardcore Watersports Life Vest

As long as we are talking water and kids, let’s talk safety for a minute.  This sharp looking life vest comes in a variety of sizes and colors for the whole family.  It is US Coast Guard approved for use on a boat.  It can be used anywhere you have water so it’s ambidextrous for both the pool and beyond.  At $15 for a child sized jacket that will last a while,  the Child Life Jacket Vest – US Coast Guard approved Type III (Red) is a pretty good no brainer buy. 

2. Aqua Sphere Kids Seal Goggles.


It may not be as silly as a pool noodle, but if your kid is a fish, they will get more use out of these than any other item in your water toy arsenal.  These goggles offer 180 degree field of view, easy to use lever buckles, and 100% UV Protection.  Not to mention have a large number of color and tint options.  Aqua Sphere is even a preferred brand of adult top swimmers and triathletes because of their durability, vision, and comfort.  These goggles should last for years even if they are thrown in the sand, stepped on, and generally mistreated. If my adult triathlon goggles are any indication they are built for mistreatment.  Pick up a pair of Aqua Sphere Seal Kid (Clear Lens, Translucent Blue) for $15.

1.  Water Wheel

Nothing spells fun like being a human hamster.  This is a toy for the whole family.  Recommendations are for 5 and up.  Amazon reviews even talk about adults getting inside of it without much issue.  It’s light enough to carry around at 6.7 pounds and have plenty of room dimensions of 49”x33”.  It’s fun colored and easy to inflate.  Pick up the Water Wheel – Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy (49″ X 33″) on Amazon for $35.

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